Mark believes that no one should die of a preventable cause. He also believes that no one should go bankrupt from a medical effort to stay alive, or keep a loved one alive. He will endeavor to explore any and every avenue to ease the burden of medical costs on Pennsylvanians. Mark wants to consider a statewide medical program that would provide healthcare for all Pennsylvanians. Mark also supports removing tax exempt status from health care giants that make millions of dollars, while forcing patients to have fewer options.  

Renewable Energy

Mark believes in climate change and science. He seeks to invest in a renewable energy grid. Mark believes that through state investments we can make Pennsylvania more energy independent, inexpensive to power and affordable for its citizens.  Mark would like to create a tax credit for the purpose of helping citizens put solar panels on their roof, not only reducing and eliminating their energy bills, but also feeding the power grid with thousands of sources of natural energy.

Minimum Wage and Employment Law Reform

Pennsylvania lags behind many neighboring states in terms of minimum wage and employment rights. As a former employment rights attorney and the spouse of a current one, Mark knows when current employment laws fall short in protecting workers and their families. Mark's legislative priorities include raising the minimum wage; providing protection to LGBTQ employees; providing protected family and medical leave to employees; expanding rights for pregnant workers and their families; and increasing the recovery available to employees who are treated illegally. 


Mark believes that Pennsylvania needs to ensure that all voters are counted and that the democratic process is ethical and trustworthy.

Currently Pennsylvania allows legislators to take 'gifts' from lobbyists. Mark wants to prohibit this practice and free the legislative branch from this bribery.

Gerrymandering is a problem that many Pennsylvanians are aware of and the Supreme Court has said that it will not stop partisan gerrymandering.  Mark supports the appointment of an independent committee that would rely on census data for redistricting purposes.

Mark supports a fair and common sense same-day registration process that would allow many more voters to have access to the polls.  

Mark supports open primaries.  By expanding primaries to those that choose not to register with any one party we create a more representative primary result.

Mark supports ranked choice voting.  Giving voters the ability to rank and select multiple candidate creates a more fair landscape of what voters want and ultimately a more representative outcome. 

Education Spending

Education is one of the most important elements of Pennsylvania. It drives our incredible hospital system and our technology sector. It provides jobs to our citizens, and skilled workers to these industries. Advancement in medical technology aids millions of Americans, not just Pennsylvanians. Ground-breaking technology reshapes the very ways we live. Harrisburg has an obligation to provide and fund good schools and educational opportunities for our youth and our adults. Mark intends to make sure Harrisburg does that.    


Transportation Investment

Mark believes that Pennsylvania, and really most of America, is lagging behind in transportation infrastructure. Mark wants to explore any and all ideas in regards to transportation, including high speed rail across the state, higher investment in public transportation in urban areas, and an end to toll road systems that punish people for living near such a road. 

Rehabilitation Services

Drugs and drug laws have been a source of hardship for generations. In these times of the opioid epidemic, more eyes are open than ever to the devastation drugs can bring to a person or family. Mark believes that strict incarceration laws are not the solution.  Mark also believes that people often need help with these types of struggles, and wants to set up programs for rehabilitation, job placement, and housing assistance.  


Mark supports the full legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. He recognizes the curative powers of marijuana and its lack of addictive properties. He also believes that too many people have been imprisoned for low-level drug offenses, and supports the expungement of marijuana-related convictions.  


Discrimination & LGBTQ Rights

Mark believes that all Pennsylvanians deserve full and equal enjoyment of housing, education, employment, and business patronage regardless of who they date or marry, and no matter how they identify. Mark supports expanding protection based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to all laws that protect individuals from discrimination in employment, education, housing, and otherwise. 

This is in addition to the current protections that Mark believes we must ardently maintain: Race, National Origin, Sex/Gender, Disability, and Age.  

Disability Rights

As an attorney who represented disabled individuals, Mark knows where Pennsylvania and federal law fall short in granting full access to employment, education, and housing for those with physical and/or mental limitations. Mark supports expanding current laws to increase accommodations for the disabled.

Police Violence

Mark supports giving funding to police departments statewide to provide for training on implicit bias and deescalation techniques. He also supports amending state laws to hold law enforcement officers accountable when they injure or kill a civilian without justification. 

Reproductive Rights

Mark believes that decisions regarding reproduction and sexual health should be left solely to each individual. He opposes any law that would attempt to restrict access to reproductive rights already guaranteed by court decisions like Roe v. Wade, and supports increasing funding to family planning agencies.

Prison Reform

Pennsylvania has entirely too many people in prison for non-violent offenses. Mark supports the elimination of for-profit prisons, and also supports programs that allow non-violent offenders (particularly minors) alternatives to prison. He also believes we should reexamine our sentencing standards and policies.